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OBD 2 scan tool digital readouts with graphs showing RPM and ignition advance for automotive diagnostics with software and computers for cars and other vehicles.OBD 2 scan tools - automotive diagnostics with software and computers for cars and other vehicles

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Henry Crichton, Software For CarsGreetings, I'm Henry Crichton, Chief Mechanic and owner of Software For Cars. After accumulating over 25 years of automotive diagnostics, repair and  performance tuning experience, I have retired from active mechanical work. This website has been left in place for legacy purposes.

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Scan tools are very useful instruments that connect to your on-board vehicle computer, revealing pertinent information about the operation of your car. They are easy to use and will help even a novice to understand where problems might be occurring. Welcome to our OBD 2 scan tools website; please have a look at the scan tools below that can help you peer into the inner workings of your vehicle. 

Why buy a scan tool? Read our Journal section about engine repairs on a 98 Dodge Ram pickup and you'll see how it could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs ...  

In the '70's the first electronic monitoring systems for cars were installed to help reduce atmospheric emissions. The original American system, called OBD-I (On Board Diagnostics I) later evolved into OBD II (1996) as the digital electronics improved. We have a full complement of electronic scanning equipment required to read this information, as well as years of experience analyzing and interpreting the data results.

Check out our Products section and see how easy it is to get your own scan tool and start doing your own monitoring ... you can increase your mileage, reduce fuel consumption, save on repair costs and help keep the environment clean. We have a range of scan tool products, to suit both the backyard mechanic and professional service shops.

Henry with laptop OBD scan tool connected to 97 Chev Astro Van, retrieving DTC engine data for graphed output on PC
Henry plugs '97 Chev Astro into laptop

If you prefer driving an older car, take a look at my classic '56 Chevy; we can't plug computers into it, but it's fun to work on (and drive).

If you enjoy studying the latest trends in the auto industry, keep your eyes on our 'Future Now' section for some insight into the latest technologies being deployed in the automotive industry (including the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hybrids). We are keeping a close watch on the new releases of hybrid vehicles that promise very high mileage and Ultra Low Emissions (ULEV).

SULEV is an acronym for Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle. SULEVs have much cleaner engines, emitting substantially lower levels of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and particulate matter than conventional vehicles. The SULEV standard steps up the ULEV, Ultra Low Emission Vehicle standard. See our HYBRID Lexus RX400H sport utility vehicle (it is rated SULEV).

If you want a zero emission vehicle, then nothing beats an all electric vehicle, such as the Hyundai Kona and the Tesla lineup.

More interested in an affordable luxury sport coupe? Have a look at our article on the classic 2000 Toyota Camry Solara and see how our OBD scan tool can be connected with some real data being displayed.

Are you a compact SUV fan? Read our article on the classic Subaru Forester and see how our OBD scan tool can be used to analyze the data stream.

And if you'reAquada amphibious convertible really bored with current offerings, take a look at the new Aquada amphibious vehicle. The Aquada drives like a convertible sports car and, yes,  planes across the water at 30 mph! unlike the Amphicar product of yesteryear, this baby really moves on land and water.

I hope you enjoy our site!

Regards, Henry


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