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AutoWatch for Fleets - OBD Digital readouts with graphs showing RPM and advance for automotive diagnostics with software and computers for cars and other vehicles. Many other parameters can be monitored. AutoWatch for Fleets - OBD fleet monitor software for cars and other vehicles

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An affordable monitoring solution to the problems of vehicle abuse and speeding.
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Using the OBD II AutoWatch for Fleets Software, enter the maximum value you will permit for vehicle speed (MPH/KPH), throttle position and engine speed (RPM) (if you desire to monitor any of these items) and send these limits to the AutoWatch for Fleets unit through the PCs serial port. AutoWatch for Fleets screen showing software screen display for fleet monitoring Next, disconnect AutoWatch for Fleets from the PC and place it in the vehicle. AutoWatch for Fleets is now ready to monitor the vehicle. If any of the limits sent to the AutoWatch for Fleets unit are exceeded by the vehicle, AutoWatch for Fleets records it. The date, time, length of time the limit was exceeded and the maximum value of the parameter during the violation period will be stored by the AutoWatch for Fleets unit. Parameters always monitored include: Vehicle Off, Vehicle Running, Vehicle Stopped, Distance Traveled, Unit Disconnected, and Unit Reconnected.  Over 2800 violation blocks can be stored by the AutoWatch for Fleets unit. 

When you are ready to view what AutoWatch for Fleets has witnessed, connect AutoWatch for Fleets to the PC. Using the AutoWatch for Fleets software, retrieve the data from the AutoWatch for Fleets . You will immediately know the times the vehicle was off, running, stopped, the total distance traveled and how many times the limit was exceeded for each monitored item. You now have the option to view, print or save reports of the information that was collected. 

AutoWatch for Fleets also saves the last 20 seconds of vehicle speed. AutoWatch for Fleets OBD fleet vehicle monitor - diplay recorded data on screen This information is used mainly for accident investigations. This information can be viewed as a graph in the Vehicle Speed Graph Screen after data retrieval or in a report.  You may be thinking, all the driver has to do is disconnect AutoWatch for Fleets from the vehicle while they are driving and reconnect it when they get back. We have that covered. If AutoWatch for Fleets is disconnected from the vehicle, it knows and so will you. When it is disconnected, it records the date and time it was disconnected and reconnected. Disconnecting the unit does not erase the information stored in the unit and the information remains stored until it is cleared with the AutoWatch for Fleets software, which is password protected.  

NOTE: We have been asked how does AutoWatch for Fleets know the date and time? The AutoWatch for Fleets unit has an internal clock. Each time you download to the AutoWatch for Fleets unit from the PC, the PC's date and time is sent to this clock. The AutoWatch for Fleets unit has an on-board battery for the clock so that it keeps accurate time. 

AutoWatch for Fleets helps answer questions such as ... 

Are unsupervised employees starting late or quitting early, costing your company thousands of dollars? You will know with AutoWatch for Fleets.
Are overtime costs getting out of hand? With AutoWatch for Fleets, you will know if employees are on the job or parked at home while still on the clock.
Are you concerned that company vehicles are being used after hours? Eliminate the problem with AutoWatch for Fleets.
Are your supervisors spending too much time monitoring employee's use of company vehicles? AutoWatch for Fleets will save many hours and provide more useful information than mechanical monitoring systems.

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, AutoWatch for Fleets is for you.

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